Finding a Storm Shelter

Storm Shelter

Natural disasters come in all forms and often we cannot stop them. We can, however, find ways to avoid it and safeguard ourselves and families. In the US you will find so many different natural weather conditions that can be catastrophic and in the case of tornados and storms should always know the locations of Storm Shelters nearby in order to get yourself and your family to safety.

When do storms hit?Storm Shelter

This can be the most difficult thing to predict, but with technology and satellite imagery, it is now possible to know which path a tornado will take and therefore you will have enough time to reach safety. However, there are times where you may be caught off guard, and it is better to be prepared for any situation.

How to find a storm shelter

Towns and cities that have a history of getting hit by storms will often have many of these facilities. They will most likely be set up by the local council to accommodate the people living in the area.

If you go to your local police station or city hall, they will be able to tell you the locations of the storm shelters near you. They will often provide you with a map and directions to get there in case of an emergency.

You can also look online as there are websites that can give you a detailed description of the storm shelters and tell you which one you should get to when a storm is approaching.

Better than your basement

Storm Shelter 2Some people think it is ok to ride out a storm in their basements. This may be better than staying outdoors, or in your home, however, basements are not built for this purpose, and it can be really hard to get out as you may end up with a lot of rubble which needs to be moved from outside so that you can come out. Storm shelters are built underground with reinforced walls of concrete. There are no above ground structures around it so there is no way that the entrance will be blocked by debris.

It is also a good idea to have the contact number of emergency services at hand so that you can call in for assistance should you need it during a storm.


If your city is prone to storms on a regular basis, having this information handy can save you and the lives of your loved ones.…