Different Types of Turfs


A turf is a surface layer of the ground on earth that has a dense growth of grass and is usually held together by its roots. A turf is an artificial surface layer for grass. It acts as a substitute for grassy layer. People use turfs in different places on their fields. Some example of places where turfs are commonly used include places such as football fields and horse racecourse among others. Many people usually have the urge to purchase a turf, but the biggest problem that they face is the fact that they do not know which turf is best for their lawns or fields. This article is a guide on some different types of turfs you can select for your lawn.


Traditional Lawn Turf

wormThis is a turf that contains a mixture of lawn grasses. This type of turf is usually common in most garden centers and also in DIY stores. From a distance, this turf looks elegant and clean. It has an even texture and a deep green sward from a distance. When a person gets too close on the turf, he or she gets to see some leaves that are fine-textured. Other leaves that you get to see are usually slightly wider than the other leaves. This traditional turf is usually hard wearing. It has the characteristic of recovering from some damage caused by boots and also shoes. This ability of the turf to recover from such damage is due to the dwarf ryegrass found in the turf.

Shade tolerant turf

This turf is usually like the traditional turf though it is slightly paler green, unlike the traditional one. This turf has a broader leaf to it. On matters concerning toughness, this turf is pretty much tough as compared to the fine turf.

Fine Turf

grassThis is the type of turf that is mostly used on the bowling greens. This turf is beautiful and is a neat velvety. When you get close to this turf, you will find out that the turf has some needle-thin leaves. Also together with the needle-thin leaves, the turf has some delicate green color with some neat growth habit. This type of turf is usually mown very much close to the ground unlike other kinds of turfs. The toughness of this turf is usually the wear tolerant type of turf. A disadvantage of this turf is that it is usually very much prone to diseases. On a scale that rates the toughness of the turf of one to ten on, this turf is like a four out of ten.